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Living France: April 2014


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„Exceptional“ ( Rating: 10.0)


We loved our stay at La Mirande en Ardeche. It was such a treat to be warmly welcomed at this beautiful property. The food and Gray's hospitality were unforgettable!



14th April 2018




„Fabulous“ ( Rating: 10.0)


The property has a fantastic old house feel and unbelievable views. The Gray's cooking is top notch and better then some Michelin restaurants I've been to. Wish we could stay another week.



16th January 2018




„Elegance in the Ardeche“ ( Rating: 9.2)


Location is remote but very beautiful, even in mist and rain! The building is an excellent restoration with two really spacious and well equipped suites. Dinner and breakfast are communal and prepared by Grey, the owner. There is a large garden but it is a bit of a work in progress and either very environmental or wild according to taste.



17th July 2016

Great Britain



„A balm for the soul“ ( Rating: 10.0)


Real oasis for everybody, who wants to escape from rush, noisy world. You can enjoy both the calm atmosphere outside and the lovely design of interior as well. And a real pleasure to meet Mr. Grey, the owner.



8th June 2015

Czech Republic



„To be recommended 100 %!“ ( Rating: 9.6)


We liked the house very much, as for the host, he was charming, friendly, and most interesting - without forgetting he graciously offered us an "apéritif" upon our arrival, which provided us with an "insight" into his culinary talents : next time, we'll definitely book the evening meal as well ! In conclusion,

to be recommended 100 % !



8th October 2015




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My week at La Mirande was wonderful.  I stayed in the self catering cottage, which is very spacious and comfortable.  I especially appreciated the light filled sun room.

Gray was a great host and has a wealth of information about things to do and see in the region.  This is a place I will definitely return to.


Loic Rathscheck

Hamburg, Germany



My stay in the Garden Suite at La Mirande was pure luxury.  Gray is a really exceptional cook as well as being a fascinating person.  The main house is decorated very tastefully with mementos from his global travels and long career in the arts.

During the day I hiked across the plateau and took many photos of the lovely surrounding landscapes.  As an artist, I was really inspired by these beautiful vistas and peaceful surroundings.


Thank you Gray.  I will be back!


Sheron B.

Guadalajara, Mexico



It was just over a year since we discovered the magic of La Mirande. I still remember rounding the corner and for the first time feasting my eyes upon such a wonderful destination. Our time at LaMirande was inspiring for us both. I still vividly remember the wonderful baked goat's cheese you

prepared on our arrival.

The evenings on the patio dinner and drinking in the views across the Rhone Valley to the French Alps as the sun set. The wonderful drives exploring the Ardeche region.

And most of all, your welcome and support while we were there. I would be delighted to tell as many people as I can of the wonders of La Mirande.


John Pauley

Hobart, Tasmania



My husband and I have visited La Mirande twice, once for a week which we spent in the self-catering gite.  It was enormous for two people, beautifully furnished and equipped, and everything totally up-to-date.

It was marvelous to be in the middle of the tranquil "campagne" of  "la France profonde", surrounded by farms, beautiful scenery, good walking paths and roads. And the property itself is very spacious, nice to sit out in the sun reading for a day of quiet. There are many interesting day-trips in the region - the Ardeche river with its great stone arch and the exhibition of the Caves de Chauvet with their beautiful drawings, older than Lascaux, I think, (recently featured in a film Cave of Dreams by Werner Herzog), Valence, Vienne, Aubenas, Le Puy en Velay in the Auvergne, etc.  We have kept in touch with the very friendly owner, Gray Veredon, and we spent several days in the big house in one of the new suites this spring.

We were able to sample his wonderful cuisine over three days. His neighbor Jacky raises goats, pigs and horses, and the cheese and sausages are delicious.  Although we have not been on any guided tours with him, Gray is a professional tour guide, fluent in French, German, and of course English.  He will be offering day trips to his guests, especially for those who may not be comfortable driving the curvy roads in the region.  This is definitely a great place to stay,


Meredith and Wright Salisbury

Lexington, MA, USA



La Mirande surpassed my expectations in every regard. It is the perfect island of tranquility to escape the demands of a busy life such as mine. Although the convenience of Privas is only 15 minutes away,  La Mirande is above all the traffic, totally surrounded by peaceful farmland, with a breathtaking view that goes on forever.

The accommodations are exceptional.  Gray is a wonderful host and a great cook!  If you have the chance, I highly recommend the all inclusive vacation he offers.  It was such a pleasure to be able to leave my car behind in Paris and not have to shop or cook!


Martin Freudenstein

Paris, France